Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Stanley's Big Day...

It was the morning of the big race for Stanley.

He had woken early and made sure he had eaten a suitable breakfast of lettuce. He had been thinking about the big race and preparing for it for minutes.

Even though his shell was rumbling, he felt confident.

Today was his day... Stanley was eager to get his warm up training underway

His personal trainer had suggested a few practice laps around the training circuit which he had begun until

a voice came over the intercom announcing that all competing snails had to report immediately to the officials at the starting line.

He was so nervous but knew he was the favourite with the crowd.

Excitement was now mounting amongst the racing crowd as the other snails took their places on the starting line...

They were off!
Stanley, in lane one, quickly took the lead, making an early break for the finishing line, via lanes 1 - 6!
He was soon declared the winner and the race continued with much enthusiastic encouragement by the trainers for their individual snails.

All snail competitors were commended for the excellent sportsmanship shown during the race. (Some still found it difficult though to stay in the allocated lane.) Obviously the sense of occasion had tired many of the younger snails out. They unfortunately remained asleep on the starting line. This did frustrate their enthusiastic trainers. They were more energetic however on their release back into the wild!

Stanley was soon safely back home for a well earned rest. It had been a successful and exciting day for the little snail.
Will he remember his big day ?

NOTE: No snails were harmed during the race. All were returned quickly and successfully to their original habitat.

(Video clips of the race will be added to this blog after errors are sorted out.)

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